"Most brides spend years, dreaming about their wedding day - visualizing an event that will be as unique and sparkling as a snowflake, dazzlingly unlike any wedding before or yet to come, fresh and magical. They may invest hours upon hours searching for the perfect wedding ring.

Yet when those brides look for a wedding Videographer -- to capture a living record of that remarkable day, which they will be looking at as long as they're looking at their wedding rings (even if not as often) - most brides follow a very predictable pattern:

* They lump their search for a Videographer along with shopping for other vendors, such as caterers,    florists, and limousine companies.
* They wait until after choosing a photographer before locating a Videographer.
* They give little thought to what they want their wedding video to actually be like; they just want to know it will be done.
* They make their final choice by price.

I will admit to a bias here, as an owner of a Videography company that competes on quality, not on price. But statistics support the belief that brides who treat Videography as a commodity often regret that view later."


Dear Zelalem,

Words cannot convey our gratitude for your thoughtful and hard work in producing our wedding video.What an original present! It is truly a masterpiece!! we can only say thank you!!! The video is stunning, priceless, and we love it!. Rahel and I were ecstatic after seeing it the first time. Our family and close friends have equally been amazed by your superb artistry. You are a true professional and one-of-a-kind. You have such great taste, the images and sound tracks are perfect. Thank you for capturing the complete ceremony and the little moments that make our spacial day so memorable for years to come. It is exactly what we wanted and expected.

Just had to let you know. Thanks!!!
Rahel & Dereje

Sample Video